Alok & Steve Aoki – Typical (ft. Lars Martin)

• Vocals – Low pitched, as usual
• Catchy lyrics atop Slap House recipe
• Alok – Ressurector of Brazilian Bass

Happy new year, everyone! Start of 2022 hasn’t brought us lots of releases, so I had to rummage through last Christmas’s releases (going to ignore the rusty “but that’s past year bro!” jokes) in a way to acknowledge a statement well-regarded in my region – “A new year begins, so past mistakes must be forgotten”.

Under the numerous amounts of Slap House tunes that releases everyday, believe it or not, sometimes one can find an inventive one that is simply not a dull remake of an 80-90s song to rake in Spotify revenues and internet notoriety, thanks to TikTok trends. This time, Alok decided to follow-up to his Brazilian Bass/Slap House hallmark while Steve Aoki… let’s say he exists here. I can’t find any Aoki elements in play here apart from the commercial pop influence that has otherwise become the norm in this style.

The low-pitched vocal is another standard inclusion in this kind of production, and apart of being overly used, decent lyricism can be a plus and that’s the case. It shines on its own when matched together with a nice build-up and drop. A couple of listens and you will easily be shackled to its rhythm, songwriting and the drop.

This attempt, better known as “Typical”, is the needle in a haystack. It is there, yet hard to strike upon. Alok has verified his label’s creative authenticity and his “team-up” with Aoki and vocalist Lars Martin is a valid evidence to that.

You can listen to “Typical” here:

Spinnin’ Records · Alok & Steve Aoki – Typical (feat. Lars Martin)