Amonita Releases Masterful ADID Three-Tracker ‘Rainbow’

Get ready to be delighted by a gigantic Organic House release.

We hope you enjoy your Good Friday with your loved ones if you commemorate this date. As for us here at EDMTunes, we’re pleased to share with you a colossal EP for those who are craving a good, proper Organic time for their Good Fridays. And it comes from Amonita, one of the Organic stars in the world right now.

As the ethereal musician she is, known for her enchanting compositions and captivating live performances, Amonita has been rocking the scene since 2017. And she’s been releasing on today’s imprint, All Day I Dream — one of the leading record labels on this side of the spectrum —, for five years already.

The Rainbow EP

Amonita’s time in Turkey, surrounded by the raw beauty of Nature, became the muse for her most recent release, the Rainbow EP. She says the songs are full of those moments she witnessed: sun-drenched lands, the calming whispers of the sea, and the vibrant burst of a majestic rainbow. It’s a journey for the romantics, the passionate ones, the ones who chase dreams with open hearts, and those who resonate with Mother Nature’s most intimate wonders.

Amonita – Rainbow EP Tracklist

  1. Rainbow
  2. Amulet
  3. Moon Dust


Happy, uplifting and full of the sonic representation of good times in good company, the title track, ‘Rainbow‘, is perhaps the best definition of the EP. With a shy melody surrounded by ever-evolving elements and an aura of that feel-good stuff, it enchants upon the very first listen.


Slightly more mysterious, and even groovier (how?!), ‘Amulet‘ — my favourite out of the three — develops an entire song around quite the simple idea: two chords telling a tale. There’s so much happening that you can almost forget about the simplistic idea of its foundation. You get carried away super easily, it’s just that mysterious. It’s intriguing. And the percussion-vocal combo reminds me of my childhood. For more insights DM me, won’t bother the audience with my past!

‘Moon Dust’

I don’t know how to word this, but this one does, indeed, feel like a track born out of a night experience. I can see it being the most appropriate for a heated night on the dancefloor. Even more mysterious than the other two tracks, and containing filtered elements that can only up the groove and danceability of it, ‘Moon Dust‘ portrays the perfect tune for a full moon’s night.

Listen to Amonita‘s beautiful Rainbow EP below by interacting with the Spotify block below, or click here to support it on your favourite streaming platform.