An iconic Sydney nightlife venue is reopening its doors under a new name

The Midnight Shift had been open for around 40 years when it closed its doors last year it left many a community gutted. As both an iconic LGBTQIA+ venue and as the host to a plethora of banging electronic music events, it was something that none took lightly.

After being bought by Universal, the company set out to find out what the people wanted through a survey, and funnily enough, they decided that an inclusive venue that looks to promote inclusivity alongside great nightlife is what it came down to.

“We are accordingly creating a safe, inclusive space that is open to all. We have complete respect for the venue’s history and the special role that it has played for the LGBTIQA+ community.” New venue owner Jim Kospetas said.

He went on to add that the venue has huge shoes to fill, so reopening it as ‘The Midnight Shift’ wouldn’t have felt right, so instead it’ll take the name of the parent company, Universal. While personally we’ll miss some of the times we’ve had there, from happy hardcore events to our friends Human Movement throwing a shindig, it’s good to see that there seems to be a community focus moving forward.

Going forward, the venue has curated a massive launch weekend including weekly and monthly events catering to everyone. Keep on eye out for more updates, as this iconic Sydney venue is brought back to life!