An illegal rave in the UK was allowed to continue until 7am

In Australia if police catch wind of a rave happening that’s not super legal, doesn’t matter how many people, it gets shut down straight away. In the UK however an illegal rave at an abandoned mushroom farm has been allowed to continue until 7am in the morning.

The event took place at a known rave destination near Market Harborough and despite being tipped off to it by locals before hand and attempting to shutdown a few points of entry it seemed there wasn’t much they could do.

A police spokesperson has said “Police were made aware of an unlicensed music event in a disused premises in Welham Road, Great Bowden, during the early hours of Sunday morning. Officers attended the location and due to the number of people attending the event, believed to be up to 500, the event continued, but officers remained in the area to monitor any issues and prevent any more people from entering the premises.”

If you knew anything about the location you’d be aware it was known for holding events with up 2000 attendees, so this was a small fry in comparison. Check out more info here and tell us what you think!