ANG & KEVU – For Our People

• Unexpected but promising collaboration
• Fusion of Progressive and Big Room trademarks
• Decent release with requisite energy

Last week, the renowned Mexican natives ANG decided to publish their studio joint-efforts along with Portuguese act, KEVU. This time they crafted a festival worthy hybrid of Progressive-Big Room, titled as “For Our People”. The pair have come together multiple times and released remixes/bootlegs in the past years, but grabbed the opportunity to join hands and make an unexpected and striking collaboration.

Talking about more recent times, ANG released “Control Your Mind” with up and coming German solo, STVW. This track marks their remarkable follow-up after the explosive “Rave City”, released last summer. Afterwards, they had tweeted an announcement of dropping two more productions for this month and hence teased the IDs, which featured today’s highlight and a joint-effort with SAYMYNAME. On the other side of the spectrum, KEVU has kept a hectic schedule of constant releases, keeping his constant support from heavyweights such as W&W and Blasterjaxx.

First premiered by the label-owners at their 20xx livestream, which was a mix-mash of their Psy-Trance hit “Chakra” over an acapella of “Cannonball” from fellow icons in the scene, Showtek and Justin Prime. The hook for the track did not hype me to the extremity, but I found the kick present in the drop segment to be vivid and potent. Decent and balancing itself well on the pivot, the latter forty-five seconds of the climactic portion introduces hints of melodic nature, a characteristic of Progressive House. Moreover, a small attention to detail (which I highly appreciate, mind you) was the presence of the unique pre-drop vocal, and not just a royalty-free one.

Summing up, “For Our People” operates decently, but adhering to the generic standards you could expect as a listener of this usual-conventional minded style of Electro House. Rest assured, there is no disappointment in store, and evolution of the Big Room sound seems to be in the safeguard of creative and skilled people.

You can listen to “For Our People” here:

Maxximize Records · ANG & KEVU – For Our People (Radio Edit)