Anjunabeats Unveils ‘Chill Volume 1’ — An Hour-Long Calm Compilation

The past few months have been nothing short of chaos and uncertainty in our world. In a year filled with trying times for most of us, Anjunabeats has just the right remedy for your stress and burnout. During these times, it is crucial to pause, disconnect, and not only savor the small moments that bring joy to the soul but also to replenish your energy for the challenges that await.

In the electronic music scene, imprint Anjunabeats has consistently been a leader in embracing this concept in recent years. Their latest addition, the Chill compilation, contributes to this effort. Anjunabeats’ Chill Volume 1 proves as the musical equivalent of a luxurious massage or a spa day for your tired mind and soul.

Anjunabeats And Downtempo

The Anjunabeats label and its leaders, Above & Beyond, have been introducing the public to Downtempo and Electronica soundscapes through releases like Flow State and the establishment of the new sublabel Reflections. While these atmospheric releases stand out, a closer examination of their albums such as Group Therapy reveals several tracks in that genre, providing a touch of serene beauty amidst their more energetic compositions.

Considering this musical direction, it’s no surprise that Above & Beyond are prominently featured in most of the 15 tracks on Anjunabeats Presents Chill Volume 1. Notable entries include beloved tunes like ‘Filmic,’ ‘Sun In Your Eyes,’ and collaborations with Zoë Johnston on ‘Treasure’ and ‘Good For Me.’ Additionally, two tracks with Darren Tate, namely ‘Mont Blanc Set Off’ and ‘Cody’s Theme,’ are included.

Beyond the British trio, other regulars from the Anjunabeats roster make appearances in the inaugural Chill volume. Andrew Bayer contributes three tracks: ‘Gaff’s Eulogy,’ ‘Tidal Wave’ with Alison May, and ‘Lose Sight’ with Ane Brun. Super8 & Tab’s collaboration with Alyna, titled ‘Perfect Day,’ adds a cheerful touch, while Genix and LYCA’s ‘Numb’ and JODA’s ‘Dark Strings’ complete the collection with their enchanting melodies. In essence, Anjunabeats Presents Chill Volume 1 is a compilation of the label’s most sublime tracks, inviting listeners to embrace these soothing soundscapes like a warm hug.

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