ANNA, Rich The Kid – Bando (Remix)

• Tech House base under a Rap vocal
• Short and lazy RTK performance
• Focus on the original and its potential

The fun part of owning a blog is that I can review whatever I want… So, today my Italian side is in charge and I’ll speak about “Bando“. Being transparent, I wasn’t thinking about it, but some managers submitted it and I thought it could be a fun experience.

So, for non-Italians: “Bando” was a huge hit of 2019: the 16-years-old Anna debuted with a catchy Bass/Tech House influenced craft, with an irriverent Rap vocal. Despite disliking this type of voice, I must admit that “Bando” was extremely catchy, and started a sort of “Tech” trend in the Italian rap scene, introducing similar Tech-y bases. It has been selected as the soundtrack for the upcoming “Need For Speed” game, so you may have already heard it around.

Then, in 2020, in pure “Old Town Road” style, it’s being remixed with various collaborations in order to milk the dying cow as much as possible. This time, after Madman & Gemitaiz from Italy, Endor from UK and Maxwell from Germany, we have Rich The Kid with 25 seconds of one of the laziest performances I’ve heard recently. No comment.

So, even if I’m reviewing a useless, lazy and greedy remix that is existing only for earning some further streams, I recommend checking out the original “Bando“. The Tech House structure, very underground and aggressive, fits smoothly with the hooky vocal, delivering a captivating output that results being fascinating even to foreigners, considering the remixes across the globe.

I’ll gave a 62, removing 15 points because of Rich The Kid, but the base alone, in its minimalism, deserves an 80+! It’s fascinating how the creator managed to create a platinum hit with few elements. It’s the magic of EDM.

The Hip-Hop world is a territory that we rarely explore here, but I’m pretty sure that we will hear more Tech House in future, especially when world stars will jump on this bandwagon… Hopefully, not like RTK, but putting some actual effort. Get prepared.

You can listen to “Bando (Remix)” here:

ANNA Music 1 · Bando (Remix)