Another 24 hour venue has opened in a global city

London’s been copping a bit of bad news for its nightlife lately after being told that one of their nightlife centres was coming under strict lock-out style laws.

But with the bad often comes a bit of a good, as London’s recently had a new 24 hour venue announced and (this might be a bit confusing to Sydney-siders) it’s not a casino, it’s purely for music and nightife!

The new venue FOLD is located on top of a print factory and will kick off with a 24-hour launch party mid August and the general program will aim to be super progressive with queer and non-binary collectives joining the club’s mainstays Co-Founder Lasha Jorjoilani saying that “The 24hr programme gives us a unique opportunity to surprise, challenge and inspire … obscure b2bs and a generally more expansive pallet of sounds…”

The venue looks to create an almost Berghain vibe with a no photo policy among the list of edgy inclusions, who knows, maybe FOLD will become an institution! Check out more info here and tell us what you think, will it last?