Another World Festival Rescheduled Due to Sheep Feces

Due to take place on August 3 to 5, Another World Festival announced on Tuesday that the festival will be rescheduled for next year due to sheep feces found onsite. Organizers of the festival sent an email out to ticket holders claiming the event area “was not fit for purpose” due to “the distressing presence of sheep feces on each and every field planned for use for Another World Festival, and that in fact there are livestock still present”.

However, site manager Colin Agius released a Facebook statement that conflicted with the health and safety inspectors analysis. He claimed that there were “many fields with no problem.”

Meanwhile, organizer Lee Boyaka stated that his family was in danger and would provide further information to ticket holders at a later point.

As for the refunds, there has been no announcement other than Another World will follow their terms and conditions policy which states: “Where an outdoor Event is cancelled or curtailed because of adverse weather, license, terrorism or other issues beyond our control, We shall not be liable to make any refund or pay any compensation”.

This is the second time the EDM festival has changed its venue. Expected to have over 200 artists performing and 10,000 festival attendees, Another World's poor organization skills have left thousands in disappointment and out of pocket. The event page has also disappeared despite claims that the festival is not cancelled.