Apashe – Work (ft. Vo Williams) [SWARM Remix]

• A perfect synergy between Hybrid Trap and Dubstep
• Vo’s vocals shows its total potential in this remix
• Best remix of this EP?!

After perusing through your comments in the “3 Dubstep picks” article, it was clear enough on how admired SWARM is in the community. Also, I discovered that he had a ninety plus in the past, so it convinced me to check his works. He recently remixed one of the best songs from Apashe’s previous album “Renaissance”, (rated 90+ by us) and the result so crafted is a masterpiece worth-mentioning.

“Work” has proved to be a success for Apashe and Vo, accumulating more than 2.5 million streams on Spotify alone. Reworking on this would certainly require high expectations and hard work, as done by the uprising SWARM (plus he’s the only one that remixed it in the EP). Anyways, the original essence is present but morphed into a higher BPM, and bigger basslines that mixes over hard kicks with the true Hybrid Trap structure.

The build-up is a synonym of adrenaline. While the preceding version was enhanced by faster kicks and an exquisite drop, the American producer shines here by delivering fusion of epic melodies and minimal but fast rhythms, an absolute pleasure to be witnessed at its fullest. This SAYMYNAME-esque scheme renders it into more vicious, rougher Trap format in an intelligent decision. Remixes like this can truly be delightful for everyone with memorable riffs, embedding a strange addiction in one’s mind to press repeat!

Listening to this, I don’t believe much persuasion would be needed to vouch for the creator. SWARM is a talent to be watched, as his impressive style is not only hooking but brutal to the auditory senses. This project is the example of how originality is proportional to passion from the artist. As I said before, yes, this is undoubtedly the pièce de résistance of the aforementioned EP.

You can listen to “Work (ft. Vo Williams) [SWARM Remix]” here:

SWARM · Apashe – Work (ft. Vo Williams)(SWARM Remix)