Armin van Buuren featuring Anne Gudrun – Love Is A Drug

Dutch trance legend Armin van Buuren is back! The 5-time DJ Mag number one has delivered another piece as usual adrift his signature sound over the years. The A State of Trance founder and main host is no stranger to churning out hits that differ from the original genre he started with. ‘Love Is A Drug’ featuring Anne Gudrun emphasizes the aforesaid again.

Norwegian singer/songwriter Gudrun is at the forefront of this collab with the maestro. van Buuren might partially intend for the listener to travel back to 2013 when the big room genre was at its full peak. Imparting similar bass-infused chords and hard-hitting snares that dominated that class of music is majorly evident here at the start. The track moves passively without varying much in pace and throwing any surprises.

Anne’s sensual vocals synchronize in tandem with the signature van Buuren melancholic echoing pads. Track progression after the break is followed by arpeggiated keys dominated by vocals. An ordinary offering without much fuss. A different take from the van Buuren staple as already warned. Then again, we are no strangers to it over the years.

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