Armin van Buuren & Vini Vici bring Alok into the fold with 'United' – Dancing Astronaut

Dance music icon Armin van Buuren linked up with Israeli DJ and production duo Vini Vici on what would later become an instant festival classic, “Great Spirit.”  This was in 2016. Now nearly two years later, the team has connected again, this time with an artist who has come to prominence since their first collaboration together: Alok.

“United” has an impressive rolling cadence, calling us to attention as we listen through the energetic track. Clearly intended to follow in the footsteps of their last hit, “United” is primed for festival play. But it’s been done in a contemporary way, acknowledging the rise in higher BPM styles in both hard dance, which saw its first main stage set at this year’s Tomorrowland, and even van Buuren’s home in trance music. In the end, the track becomes more widely appealing with this faster beat that conveys an energy that some synths can’t achieve. Featuring the vocals of Zafrir in its fist pump-inducing chanting, “United” has legs to last through the rest of the season.