ARTBAT and UPPERGROUND Make History With Historic Sold-Out Performance At Santiago Bernabéu Stadium

The electronic music scene has always found some of its deepest roots in Europe. Many countries see the genre as part of its cultural history. Some others do not. However, some of these countries aim to turn it into a vital part of their artistic and economic industries. A clear example of this is Spain. Last weekend, the Ukrainian duo ARTBAT held a historic concert inside one of the country’s most famous venues. We’re talking, of course, about the Santiago Bernabéu Stadium, home to the team Real Madrid. Last Sunday, Artbat’s label, UPPERGROUND organized a concert featuring some massive artists and unreal performances.

Considered one of the most iconic stadiums in European football, the Santiago Bernabéu is home to the most awarded team in the history of the game. A team that gathers millions of fans across the entire world. It’s hard to think of a more iconic venue to throw a dance music event at. Spain, a country known in the industry for being the country in which Ibiza is located, has an interesting story when it comes to dance music. While widely accepted in some regions, mainly those with the biggest cities, there’s still a big segment of the population that stigmatizes the genre and those who partake in both sides of this industry.

Artbat Takes Over One Of Europe’s Most Iconic Stadiums

8000 people. A sold-out event. Camelphat. Vintage Culture. Miss Monique. A pretty iconic lineup for one of the most innovative events we’ve seen in Spain in a while. There’s no denying the immense success this event has had. More importantly, we’re sure this is just the first of what will become a series of unreal events. Who would you like to see at the Santiago Bernabéu up next? Certainly, another great step for electronic dance music in the right direction.