ARTY x Vion Konger – Run Away

Straightforward approach
Signature’s ARTY sound
Pleasing melody

After lots of successful collaborations, the Russian duo formed by ARTY and Vion Konger strikes back with another progressive house creation, “Run Away“, the main protagonist of the EP released on Armada Music. This album is the third part of ARTY’s “From Russia With Love” series, an interesting initiative which consists only of collaborations with talented upcoming Russian artists.

“Run Away”‘s first bars are just an example of how to create a powerful break with only a few elements. Some airy synths make a soft bed which accommodates a delicate vocal phrase. Even if looping a vocal segment could be easily monotone and boring, the heavy processing they applied to it compensates this potential problem, making it fluent and easy to listen.

The drop section reminds us of the good chemistry between these two producers. Their characteristic sound we are used to makes an act of presence to play a modest but catchy melody, accompanied as always by a solid bassline and thumping chords. Even if “Run Away” is not their best job ever, in my opinion, it more than fulfils the actual quality standards of the genre.

“Run Away” is a masterclass about how to deliver a suitable product without complicating your life too much. No need to buy expensive vocals or to try commercial genres in search of easy money, following your signature song scheme will always be a good idea, at least until it’s overexploited (by you our by others). If I’m quite sure that it won’t go down in history, this tune is a nice addition to ARTY’s extensive music catalogue.

You can listen to “Run Away” here:

ARTY · ARTY x Vion Konger – Run Away