Aspyer – Symphony

• Orchestral sequence combined with Electro House drop
• Lightweight presentation that valorizes solos
• Underground House elements with elegance

Violins.. the stringed instrument has never stopped fascinating me. And using this same musical equipment, Aspyer has achieved a rare 90+ rating with his gem “Symphony”, released just a few days ago on STMPD.

Considering prevalence of the mentioned trademark sound, what else does “Symphony” has to offer to a casual listener? The arrangements, which immediately invokes goosebumps within moments of starting with a powerful dose of Electro House drop, fuses in gently with opulence of violin in almost an old-school and soft, yet dynamic bassline. The pattern despite being complex, keeps along with a simplistic blueprint and letting the melancholic vibe do its work. Aspyer delicately balanced this two contrary aspects: the pre-drop solos are astonishing, while the central breakdown is lovely as the vocal slowly escalates to usher in more tension and energy to propel the track.

Without obscuring the potential presented, the Russian artist dispels any complications and creatively taps in the freshness for this creation. In most EDM creations, violins are subjected to a lazier and generic treatment. This is where “Symphony” stands out: a perfect hybrid between two distant worlds of Dance music and classical.

There isn’t much to add: if violins please you, “Symphony” is a jewel to be admired, otherwise one can still appreciate it as a good inclusion to the Dutch imprint. To put in more commendation, I was already quite sure about the positive rating after listening ten seconds of this splendid production.

You can listen to “Symphony” here:

ASPYER · Symphony