Audien Releases Offical Music Video and Acoustic Version Of ‘One Last Dance’ As Thank You To Fans

Audien is ending 2023 with a Thank You to his fans. Earlier this month, Audien launched ‘One Last Dance (Acoustic Version),’ a 2023 continuation of the Grammy-nominated DJ and producer’s early 2022 hit featuring Australian vocalist XIRA. Today, he revealed the official music video for ‘One Last Dance’ as a token of appreciation to his dedicated fanbase.

‘One Last Dance’ narrates a tale of heartbreak, stemming from Audien’s challenging experiences during the pandemic. This acoustic rendition remarkably enhances the song’s pure, heartfelt emotion. Audien had this to say:

“‘One Last Dance’ truly deserved an acoustic version. Often, demos encapsulate the genuine magic of the song, so releasing that to the world feels like a special treat.”

The official music video sensitively captures the essence of the track, depicting a passionate yet tumultuous relationship marked by memories of lost love and better times. Viewers embark on a visual journey, gracefully navigating through vignettes of early love’s intoxicating highs to the heart-wrenching break of a relationship.

It is well worth the watch and will have you thinking of a certain time in your life.

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