Aurelios X Mahmoud – Never Get Enough

Aurelios X Mahmoud - Never Get Enough

76%Overall Score

• Deep House with a progressive influence
• Emotional vocal that gets more prominent in the drop
• Polished production that sounds classy

A leap outside their comfort zones, “Never Get Enough” melds the talents and versatility of two artists, Aurelios (Italy) and Mahmoud (Morocco). Spinnin’ Talent Pool’s latest acquisition is a great pick, which is effectively born out of valorizing rising producers: hopefully, this imprint’s feature will help boost their careers.

“Never Get Enough” infuses Deep House with a modern Progressive House attitude, being rather energetic with its design, yet remaining faithful to a minimalist pattern. The idea is intriguing to the point I was curious about its origins, as Aurelios is mostly focused on Tropical House, with elegant offerings from him such as (“Summer” and “Sway“), although I spotted some Electro House tracks released prior on Revealed Recordings. Mahmoud, on the other hand, is more passionately involved with Deep House, as heard in tunes such as “When You’re Close” and “I Just Can’t Get Enough“. This modest twist is quite surprising, nevertheless well-received by us at the blog!

The song upholds a graceful, emotional vocal that acquaints us with the colorful drop, powered by a wobbling lead frolicking with Prog-influenced low-end in an active construct. The high-pitched vocal shots prove to be of some distraction at first, but otherwise, this sequence would have been subjected to more sparseness, so this choice is understandable. The feeling one can get here is of a classy composition, capable of narrating a story with just a few, carefully assessed moves.

In its entirety, “Never Get Enough” has the essence and potency in its core, and the vocal turns enjoyable once getting past its invasive presence in the drop. A veritable selection from the Dutch sub-label here!

You can listen to “Never Get Enough” here: