Avicii-esque Brazilian Bass from Marc Benjamin and Rory Hope: We’re Lovin’ “One In A Million”

• Not your typical “one in a million” track
• Stunning vocal-guitar duo
• Added bounce in the drop

Welcome back, Rory Hope, the vocalist behind “Location Unknown” by Hogland, which we recently reviewed! This time, his enchanting vocals team up with Marc Benjamin‘s stellar beats in “One In A Million.” Released via Future House Music, this Brazilian Bass gem offers a couple of intriguing twists we’re excited to explore today.

We’ve previously discussed Marc Benjamin, a seasoned player in the EDM scene with several noteworthy releases under FHM, including “Too Much” and “I Want More,” following his success with standout tracks on Nicky Romero’s Protocol Recordings (“Show You“). With FHM, Marc embraces an aggressive Brazilian Bass style characterized by heavier basslines and increased bounce, a tactic that has garnered millions of streams over the years. However, “One In A Million” presents a slight departure—a lighter touch.

The breakdown adopts a style so reminiscent of success that I can’t help but dub it “Avicii-style,” as the late legend popularized it with hits like “Wake Me Up” and “Hey Brother.” Whistles, pop guitars, a soulful vocal (courtesy of Rory Hope), and a catchy melody precede a more EDM-infused drop. Labeling it as predictable would be an understatement, given the countless iterations we’ve heard, but I continue to review it because of the myriad intriguing nuances I discover. It may be overused, but artists like Marc Benjamin keep it fresh, especially when the drop hits.

In this instance, a fusion of Piano House, Marc’s signature bass, and a whistling lead set “One In A Million” apart from the imitators. Its airy vibe is expertly executed, with an added bounce that’s sure to please underground enthusiasts like myself. And that vocal? Simply stunning. Pairing Rory’s vocals with the energy of the guitar was a stroke of genius.

So, “One In A Million” may not be that “one in a million” track that revolutionizes the genre, as it all sounds quite familiar, but boy, is it good. Very good, in fact. Expect to hear it lighting up the summer airwaves.

You can listen to “One In A Million” here: