Axwell // Ingrosso Drop The First Confirmation Of A Swedish House Mafia Reunion Tour Stop

If you are not excited for the Swedish House Mafia reunion confirmed to be taking place next year then I worry you may not have a pulse. Rumors began to flow in March this year with a one-time reunion the group happened at Ultra Miami and people began to suspect something more was planned for the near future. Over the last several months, hints and full-on confirmations leaked out from the group and their friends.

Now that the reunion tour is confirmed, the guys have started to have a little fun. This weekend at Creamfields, Axwell // Ingrosso ended their set with a massive build while hyping up the crowd. But right before the drop. The lights switched f and the Swedish House Mafia symbol flashed up on the screen. The guys said one thing only – “to be continued”.

While there was a decent amount teasing going on at Tomorrowland, this serves as the first time the guys have ficially told a crowd that they will be back, as Swedish House Mafia. Steve Angello left cryptic rumors in an interview with a Belgian media outlet post-Tomorrowland, but Axwell and Seb took the obvious route. So while we do expect the guys to take stages all over the world in 2019 – get your Creamfields 2019 tickets now, because this one is as good as confirmed.

Check out the video below, and just try not to get chills.