Barkin Drops First Release of 2024 With ‘Touch Me’

Barkin presents his first release of 2024 with a new sound.Touch Me’ represents a new direction for the New York artist. The record is faster than his previous releases at 134 BPM. It is Technoesque while staying true to his signature house sound. 

Barkin always brings the energy to each track and ‘Touch Me’ is no different. It features sultry and inviting female vocals. As energy begins to rise our ears get hints of the coming drop. “Touch me right here and I like it right there” are the final vocals before a massive drop. 

Huge horns and a groovy thick bassline take control of our bodies. The Kick and Sub are expertly crafted and bonded for the club setting. The track continues to evolve as it progresses with an even more tensionfilled break and build. The 2nd drop stays true to the 1st but with even more ear candy and tingling effects. Barkin had this to say about the record:

I created the lyrics for this track during the pandemic. My girlfriend and I came up with them and we would just joke around and say them all the time. Eventually, I decided it was time to make it into a real track and I am so happy with the result.

Make sure to check out ‘Touch Me’ below!