Basto – A Different World

• Easy-to-remember melody
• Heavy 2015 old-school structure
• The drop seems rather boring, isn’t it?

Who remembers Basto? If you happen to be an old-school EDM fanatic then you must have heard his name, especially with major releases in imprints like Spinnin’ and Kontor in the past decade. Anyways, Basto has come back unexpectedly with over a record-breaking thirty releases the previous year alone. Sadly, all of them went under the radar but for today’s article one of the latest one caught my attention. With its impressive artwork and an optimistic premise, this single titled “A Different World” promises to offer the energy we need in this moody and trying time.

The instrumental during the initial segments are delicate, upholding the positive tonality. It sticks to vintage arrangements from 2014-2015. Despite the lovely throwback, this approach has aged somewhat compared to contemporary times, but the melody does have a great charm and ultimately leads to a catchy composition.

And here, I have mixed feelings. Over time, I found some flaws pertaining to the production which felt alright in the first listen, but became more glaring in the second and third. Yes, the melody has an infectious nature, but the transitions in the ambience between the first portion and the drop ends up quite contrary. It’s almost as if the song changed entirely between the transfer, containing the same hook. This out of the blue distinctive change in the atmosphere does make it experimental, in the process losing my interest as soon the drop concludes.

This melodic record improves greatly on the latter half of its performance, as I must say that it delivers the emotion and radio-friendly vibes due to its simplicity. Basto indeed made a fine work on this section, as he used his creativity to decline the usual stereotypical structures to appreciable extents (sadly, not altogether as the second drop plays out similarly and does not vary as much).

Talking in general, Electro House has overtaken “Big Room” in my opinion. One deeper look and there are plenty of examples which are both unusual and entertaining. This is one of those gems, as it is a solid tune albeit the repetitive blueprint.

You can listen to “A Different World” here: