BAWK’s Jesper Nordernström – “Fairy”

Neoclassical collective shares new Jesper Nordenström single

When you think of a piano collective, you may imagine multiple composers working together to craft emotion-filled sounds. However, BAWK is a little different. Aware of the vast scale of talented piano players, they made it their mission to provide musicians with a platform and opportunity to individually express themselves on a wider scale. 

Formed in June 2020, BAWK have consistently showcased musicians with an exquisite ability to evoke emotion and feeling through their playing. The new release from Stockholm native Jesper Nordenström is nothing short of that. “Fairy” sees Nordenström craft a calming piano arrangement and taking listeners into a comforting and warm environment.

“When this one came out of me I remember being sat by the window with the sun glimpsing through the clouds – it just felt easy. It doesn’t always work that way but with ‘Fairy’ in particular it all happened so fast and there’s beauty in that,” Nordenström explained.

Give “Fairy” a spin below: