Beastboi Unveils Genre-defying Debut Album, ‘WINGZ & FANGZ’

Beastboi’s inaugural album WINGZ & FANGZ is finally here for his loyal fans. This groundbreaking album is poised to redefine the bass music scene, offering a mesmerizing and enticing fusion of eclectic production abilities and a journey through beastboi’s timeless craft.

WINGZ & FANGZ comprises of two parts, each showcasing beastboi’s vision to push his signature genre-defying style forward. Part 1 features six unique tracks, including collaborations with SYDCXX and Jack Blom. From the soul-stirring basslines of ‘Won’t Feel Love the Same’ to the futuristic melodies intertwined in ‘Just Waiting,’ listeners are in for a treat as beastboi takes us on an unforgettable ride through melodic and future bass soundscapes.

Part 2 of WINGZ & FANGZ promises nine adrenaline-pumping records. These include collaborations with SHRIKE! and XAE. From the high-octane energy and pure madness in ‘Front Seat’ to the haunting allure of ‘Blood2Ashes,’ Beastboi’s signature bass-induced sound shines bright as bass heads will be immediately satisfied with this one.

Make sure to check out WINGZ & FANGZ below!