Best Electronic Dance Music Bookend Trends for Next Year

The Best Electronic Dance Music 2019 is one of those rare opportunities where you get to review what could well be a decade’s worth of musical output. A whole decade, which means that there have been a lot of great tunes heard on the dance floor throughout the history of DJing. Many of the songs reviewed here have only gotten bigger over the years and given the fans that they have inspired, it’s no wonder why. It’s fair to say that most of the songs listed here are at the top of their game. You’ll want to hear them live if you can get the chance because the quality of them on the DJ’s CD’s out-weighs the online versions many times over. And when you get a chance to hear these songs live on the dance floor, you’ll never want to be without your headphones again.

One song from the Best Electronic Dance Music 2019 list that has to be heard is No Bueno. This is a track from the new album by The Black Madonna and should be heard among other music from the best dj CD in its genre. With her impressive backing band featuring on many a track from her albums, No Bueno should not be missed by any lover of heavy music. This track has a cinematic feel to it, especially when mixed with piano and drum. An excellent mix of sounds that will please any listener at any club.

Another fan favourite from No Bueno is ‘Hips Don’t Lie’. As the name suggests this is a track recorded by none other than Kanye West. In fact the track won him a very prestigious Grammies award (The Grammies went to ‘Best Rock Performance’ at the 2007 Awards) which is more than most artists can claim. With a stellar musical performance to match, West made sure that No Bueno would stand tall amongst the rest of the best electronic music on the market today. The track is currently up at number 4 on the iTunes chart, so make sure you track down this one as soon as you can.

For those who favour dance music that’s a little slower and more mellow than what we’re accustomed to, there’s still no better introduction to it than Kodekore. With years of experience in producing some of Asia’s most recognizable pop songs, Kodekore is sure to impress any fan of beautiful sounds. With tracks from both his own label as well as numerous others in the region, there’s sure to be something for everyone on this track.

If you prefer techno with a more futuristic feel to it, there’s a new offering from Los Angeles based musician Aaron Spectre. With the title ‘First Class Racing’, the first single from his forthcoming album is expected to be out any day now. If you like nu-metal, don’t miss Aaron Spectre’s debut solo album. It’s got the best of both worlds with an eclectic blend of influences. From analogue to rock to classic heavy metal, Aaron brings a unique perspective to a style that hasn’t really seen too much innovation yet. He’ll be fronted by former Marilyn Manson singer, Vikky Palladino.

If you’re looking for the best New York electronic artist, look no further than Knife. Already established in the world of music and popular fashion as a performer, Knife has been able to build up a strong following from an impressive list of supporters. If you like their styles, you’ll love their music. The single ‘Constant Changes’ from their upcoming album will be out any day now. Watch out for Knife’s collaboration with Pharrell, which should be released any time soon too.

If you’re looking for the best Barcelona electronic artist, look no further than Los Angeles based artist, Ciaran Parkinson. With a full discography that spans across Europe, Spain, and South America, Ciaran has been making quite an impact as a leading act and producer all over the world. Their latest single ‘Reveal’ from their forthcoming album is already getting fans excited. If you like atmospheric downtempo music, then look no further than Ciaran’s singles. He also collaborates with luminous names such as Don Black and Paul McCartney on numerous projects.

Finally, if you’re looking for the best electronic dance music, look no further than our number one pick for number two, Moti Manner. Moti is a ten year veteran of the electronic scene in Spain and has cemented himself as one of the most respected producers of futuristic dance music from the region. Moti Manner has released four landmark EP’s that have been certified by producers like producers Diplo, Cut Chemist, Aaron Spectre, and Carl Cox amongst others. We can only expect further ground breaking performances from Moti over the next few years as he builds upon his considerable discography.