Bicep drop third track ‘Saku’ from forthcoming album

UK house heads and former bloggers Bicep are drip feeding their fans new tracks from their forthcoming album Isles. The latest release is an absolute romper called ‘Saku’ and is the first to feature vocalist Clara La San, who’s largely featured on other artists works.

Saku follows on from dance floor fillers ‘Atlas’ and ‘Apricots’ that’ve already collected millions of plays. The song takes cues from the percussion of UK 2-step with their dramatic boundless synths holding the intensity and Clara’s lyrics blending into stretched out samples of herself. These guys have honestly got their sound pallet down pat to the point where, if you were to put on a Bicep track, you know it’s a Bicep track within 15 seconds.

In a recent interview with Apple Music, Mathew from Bicep discussed ‘Saku’ saying;

“It kind of came together over quite a while from those different parts. Originally, we were just making a lot of footwork on the original album, the original demo, new vocals, and it was about 150 BPM. You can kind of hear from the kick drums that sort of rhythm.”

On their journey from bloggers to now international touring DJs, Matthew continued;

“The blog was our inroad really to music, and we did that for years and years, very much that we started getting asked to DJ, and it was kind of one of the things that we started producing edits before we actually made our own tracks. Really, just to facilitate bits and pieces to play itala records that weren’t quantized. It was quite funny, because then when we started trying to make our own music, we were like, “Aw, this synth’s new. Or this laptop, the ST, is nowhere near as good as that funk lead that we had on the edit we did.” There, we just started delving into buying. We got the bug of buying hardware, a lot of synths, and really started building our own studio just to really get the replicate stuff that we really loved. It really happened quite slowly. It’s been a ten-year process with it, just building on it each year and year. Yeah, it’s kind of weird. I used to pinch myself, pinch yourselves moments, branching out into the live show and actually starting to perform for like an hour and a half, two hours of ballroom music, and it could work. We were super nervous about starting that, but now it’s become it’s really kind of what we live for. The live shows are just everything for us.”

Listen to their Bladerunner inspired mixtape for some creative magic from the fellas.