Bicycle Day SF: Embracing Community and Connection

Bicycle Day SF will be from 12 PM to 3 AM on April 19, 2022 at The Midway in San Francisco.

For nearly a decade, Bicycle Day SF has fostered community and connection in the San Francisco and greater Bay Area with their unique annual art & music festival. In celebration of the “Good Doctor” Albert Hofmann, his discovery of LSD and his infamous bike ride home after intentionally ingesting the substance – Bicycle Day SF was born. After a two-year pause on public celebration, Bicycle Day SF will return bigger and better than ever before.

For the first time, Bicycle Day SF will include daytime programming with keynote panel discussions with leading experts in the psychedelia field. Additonally, there is a great night of music and art festivities. Bicycle Day SF will take place today on Tuesday, April 19th at The Midway. 12 PM – 5 PM is the period that has the daytime conferences and panel discussions. After that, there will be a Happy Hour and during the 8 PM – 3 AM period, there will be live music, amazing art galleries, fantastic performers, interactive installations, and more.

Bicycle Day SF celebrates arts, music, culture, and science

The first ever daytime programming will include a sneak peek of filmmaker Seth Ferranti’s latest documentary, “Dissolve In Light: The Making Of The Psychedelic Revolution The Secret History of the LSD Trade” followed by an interactive panel of leading experts in the fields of activism, research, the arts, and decriminalization. This event is the first of its kind, spanning and combining the most vital topic areas in psychedelics today.

The speaker panel will discuss the current state of psychedelics with key topics ranging from the legalization of LSD, psychedelic research, medicinal benefits of psychedelics and more. Speakers will include medicinal chemist and creator/director of Vice’s Hamilton’s Pharmacopeia Hamilton Morris, Leonard Pickard, Isaac Abrams, Rhoney Stanley, Timothy Tyler, Seth Ferranti, Mark McCloud, Mountain Girl, Ryan Jay Beauregard, and Madison Margolin. For more information on the speakers, please click on this link.

Bicycle Day SF Panel Poster
Image Courtesy: Bicycle Day SF

Notable acts at the event

And similar to past years, Bicycle Day SF will host an evening of extravaganza celebrating art and music with Microdose VR and Johnathan Singer. Consciousness evoking musical artists set to perform include headlining DJ/Producer Emancipator, in addition to Desert Dwellers, Axel Thesleff, Häana and more. Limited VIP & GA tickets for the daytime & evening programming are still on sale right now as of this article’s publication.

About this exciting and educational event

At Bicycle Day SF, everyone is seeking to amplify that signal and broadcast good vibrations. By doing that, people at the event honor the Good Doctor and all of those who followed in his footsteps, as well as push the envelope with new technologies that seek to entertain, inspire and evoke conscious evolution.

“Psychedelic Culture” has been called the family of light, and those that get it, understand. The idea of union and a collective good is a core principle in the psychedelic experience. A feeling of connection, good vibes, and deeper understanding is part of the trip. Everyone at Bicycle Day SF will embrace that and once again celebrate the Good Doctor, Albert Hofmann, and the bicycle ride that changed the world.