black a.m. Rounds Out Massive Year with ‘The Fault’

On the heels of his recent hit release “Please Don't Go,” Prodigy Artists-signed black a.m. returns with his final offering of 2021. A sonic single rooted in new wave house, “The Fault” is out now on all platforms.

A propelling house feat, “The Fault” is downright groovy with an edge. Arpeggiated percussive elements set the stage before driving 808s hammer the track home. Throughout, a spellbinding piano synth keeps extraterrestrial time. A stripped back “less-is-more” production style gives “The Fault” a profound uniqueness, one that is personally hard to not toss on repeat.

“The Fault” is released on black a.m.'s own label, iamrecords. With a plethora of new tunes to yet be dropped in 2022, black a.m. finishes off his 2021 beautifully, while looking towards the horizon for more musical treats.

Stream “The Fault” on SoundCloud below.

iamrecords · Black A.M. – The Fault (Original Mix)