Black Caviar Premieres “Been That Ill” Lyric Video

After releasing their singles “Own My Own Masters” and “Been That III” featuring G.L.A.M. from their upcoming EP, Black Caviar premieres the “Been That III” official lyric video with One EDM.

The song captures the dynamic energy Black Caviar infuses in their music, a distinct blend of house and hints of bouncy hip-hop influences. The pair’s emphatic production also works in tandem with G.L.A.M.’s bold vocals, tossing listeners an unbelievable flavor of heat. The fierce song comes alongside stunning visuals in the official lyric video.

Paying homage to the duo’s origins, the lyric video offers monochrome collages featuring a New York City backdrop. The lyric video encapsulates a vintage, street aesthetic with glimpses of cassette tapes, boom boxes, and converses sending listeners back to another era of music. Additionally, flashes of sepia light leaks add to the video’s layered dimensions of time and music. No holds barred, Black Caviar and G.L.A.M. tap into new levels of energy with a synchronized track and video.

Black Caviar has amassed over 200 million Spotify streams across their impressive career. The two emerged into popular music in 2017 with the release of “Coco”. Since then, the pair has only continued to make their mark in electronic music. The New York City duo made their way to the film Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse, which featured their most well-known song “What’s Up Danger” with Blackway. Moreover, their track record with films carried on when the two remixed the 2019 Charlie’s Angels‘ official theme.

Check out Black Caviar’s “Been That III” official lyric video with G.L.A.M. below, premiered on One EDM.