Black Tiger Sex Machine and ATLiens coalesce on bass destruction with, ‘Frequencies’

A month after dropping off their first heavy-hitter of 2020, the Blanke-assisted, “Time Travel,” Black Tiger Sex Machine has returned for round two with another collaborative powerhouse track in tow. Now, the Montreal trio have linked with extraterrestrial duo ATLiens to deliver bass decimation on joint track, “Frequencies” released the former’s imprint, Kannibalen Records. The collaboration follows ATLien’s “Meltdown,” also marking the masked enigmas’ second release of the year.

The track takes the collective production styles of Black Tiger Sex Machine and ATLiens and fuses it into a synapse-firing sound design accessorized by bass-rattling frequencies. Simultaneously bearing cinematic, sci-fi elements while launching relentless percussions, “Frequencies” dominates as a low-end bass aggressor pervaded by foreboding destruction and hints of electro inspiration.