Blasterjaxx, Prezioso, GRY – Coconut

Blasterjaxx, Prezioso, GRY - Coconut

80%Overall Score

• Shibui is gone, with same vocal style
• Flute, violins, and Big Room leads in the mix
• Hard-hitting Psy

While I couldn’t admire “Hurricane”, a very predictable bouncy Psy-Big Room style that soon becomes exhausting, I feel that “Coconut” effectively attempted to take a step further.

The protagonists on this stage remain the same: Blasterjaxx, Prezioso, and GRY, a quartet that is well-aversed. We are familiar with both Blasterjaxx (Big Room) and Prezioso (Bounce/Trance), and Spinnin releases contain their distinctive sound. Especially Prezioso’s trademarks, without the expected high-pitched Shibui vocals, but still a chanting chorus that is perfect for this sort of bassline. Also, the flute shares plenty of resemblance to one heard in “Bounce Around”, and well, the Psy drop is always the same from the Italian group Ponte/LUM!X/Prezioso and similar others, hence not very much to add here.

What makes “Coconut” a refreshing offering is GRY’s touch with an elegant violin complementing the breakdown, and the enthusiasm shown by the very energetic melody probably due to Blasterjaxx’s presence. Flutes, violins, and the final Big Room supersaws augment this framework, delivering a festival thumper that effectively brings out the best of both worlds.

“Coconut” is a great release, and it’s what I was hoping for when listening to the past collaboration. We can say that the group fixed the prior forgettable performance, with GRY amplifying this contribution further!

You can listen to “Coconut” here:

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