Blasterjaxx – Rulers Of The Night (10 Years) [feat. RIELL]

• Ten years of Maxximize
• Melodic Big Room signature
• A nostalgic yet anticipated creation

10 summers ago, two distinctive individuals from the Dutch electronic scene decided to team-up, and the rest remains history. Thom and Idir decided to move forward with Blasterjaxx, perhaps creating on of the most influential names in the festival circuit, further forming “Maxximize” which would go on to host countless underrated and unforgettable hits from rising names.

It’s been a long time since I first stumbled onto “Koala”, amused by the name Blasterjaxx (it sounds like a gamer tag). Years later, I am both surprised and happy to see the amount of milestones the pair has struck since inception.

Alright, enough sentimentalism. Let’s review this “celebrative” release that Blasterjaxx happened to drop previous Friday to mark this occasion. As always, I will try to my best of abilities to remain impartial.

RIELL, the songstress in charge and having appeared in preceding collaborations, wrote a splendid set of lyrics. Simple, few phrases describing about the ten years of “Rulers of the nights”, who had their highs and lows but always fought their problems strongly. Underneath this vocal, Blasterjaxx managed to infuse their classic Melodic Big Room sound, with characteristic super-saws dominating and slowly escalating in the pre-drop segment. This aspect is more noticeable in the second build-up for instance, where the lead is left free to rack more of that destructive energy, exploding in the finale. Definitely, my favourite part of this production!

Maxximize Records · Blasterjaxx ft. RIELL – Rulers Of The Night (10 Years)