BLK RSE feat. Elle Vee – Young Ones (KAAZE Mix)

• Slower pace minus the cheesiness
• Heart-warming vocal
• Different theme, yet for the holidays

Before this year goes into the oblivion, I couldn’t resist on mentioning one of the more interesting names of 2021, KAAZE. His efforts are admirably ingenious, building a particular sound design while experimenting with the BLK RSE project in the spare time. His interactive-ness with the fans is an added bonus, as we can see in the “KAAZEMAS” idea where he gives away bonus contents in the year-end.

On a personal note, I haven’t found myself as excited to BLK RSE’s latest creations, as both “Chrome” and “Systemize” didn’t stuck with me for long; with “Young Ones”, however, the Swedish act has changed my recent colder stance towards him. It’s the jolly Christmas after all, magic happens!

It’s a slower take on KAAZE’s usual progressive demeanour, tagging along the familiar influences in the lead and a gentle, heartfelt vocal by Elle Vee seizing the most of the breakdown. What I got mesmerised was with the elegance in the composition which doesn’t run on fumes, and takes it home with a balanced and relaxed pace. It’s the other façade of KAAZE’s multi-faceted soundscape, and I am here for it!

There’s the right mix of pauses and relishable vibes, without exceeding hastily into a cheesy, radio-ready zone. Surely it’s not Christmas themed, and it doesn’t need to do so – “Young Ones” is a soothing record to played in company of a hot chocolate in front of a fireplace. So, are you willing to try this one out?

You can listen to “Young Ones” here:

BLK RSE · Young Ones (KAAZE Mix)