Bloom Line x Daye – Grow Up

Bloom Line x Daye - Grow Up

77%Overall Score

• Excellent vocal presence from Daye
• Meticulous and subtle detailing on the drop
• Quality over creativity

It’s been a considerable duration since I heard about Future Generation, the existing spin-off of the esteemed TNC Recordings. Racking up a steady flow of well-selected Future Bass releases, there’s a lot to dig from its catalog! Right from the top, I went for the latest “Grow Up”, the newest release from one of our familiar names, Bloom Line.

Featuring a top-notch singing duty from Daye, “Grow Up” is a fascinating experience to witness. Obviously, it is Future Bass, given the label, with a hint of that sweet and refreshing sound that I am used to finding in the Mexican producer’s creations.

The breakdown brings out the best of this dynamic vocal, with a delicate piano sequence after which the drop rushes in and shows off the further creativity employed in this song. The softer vocal chops in the background in addition to the contrasting Dubstep growls set up an interesting contrast. Daye’s performance from start to finish remains excellent.

“Grow Up” is a satisfying release, even if it doesn’t stand out much in the vast majority of other songs from Bloom Line’s vibrant discography. It’s a well-produced Future Bass release, which I would recommend if you are craving a modernistic, electronic-pop leaning style of a record.

You can listen to “Grow Up” here:

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