Bon Iver release new single, ‘PDLIF,’ in support of healthcare workers

Even throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, Bon Iver remain a source of hope and inspiration. The pioneering indie group just released a new song that addresses the festering concerns of their avid listener base on two fronts.

Firstly, the song is called “PDLIF,” which serves as an acronym for its central vocal line: “Please Don’t Live In Fear.” Surely a dictum everyone on Earth is struggling with at this point, the hopeful serenades of frontman Justin Vernon aren’t the only aspect of this timely piece of work meant to reinforce its title.

“PDLIF” features contributions from several notable musicians including vocals from Kacy Hill and orchestral strings from Rob Moose, both of whom recorded, produced, and transferred their offering from self-isolation. In this, they further demonstrate the ability to connect with one another throughout this trying time.

Beyond the inclusive sonic qualities of “PDLIF,” all proceeds from the song will support Direct Relief, an organization offering aid to healthcare workers throughout the duration of COVID-19.

Listen to “PDLIF” in full below, and donate to Direct Relief here.

Featured image: David Szymanski