Bonkr – 2020 (Can’t Go Outside)

• Alienating and repetitive vocal, akin to days during lockdown!
• Bouncy drop, easily danceable
• Interesting parallelism with the current situation

Hailing from Netherlands, the creative act Bonkr left a great impression on me with his bouncy collaboration a couple of months ago… and now he is back with to present his production mettle, albeit with a refreshing sardonic take. Sometimes art can be the most realistic way of showing one’s perspective, and via this release on swerve collective, the Dutch talent expresses his feelings on the contemporary situations, brandishing a repetitive and alienating vocal loop which builds-up to a string-taut tension and creating an amusing analogy to the frustration one has to delve while living during the lockdown, and then entertains and rewards the listener with an explosive and dynamite sequence!

Having gained popularity because of artist such as Seth Hills, Julian Jordan and notable others from the STMPD imprint, the glitchy crossover between Future and Electro domains of House music made the reputation in the mainstream EDM scene. The outcomes are interesting, and I will add “2020 (Can’t Go Outside)” to that ever expanding list.

Bonkr often uses a peculiar kind of lead synth and rhythmic bassline, constructing fast riff-raff melodies. The result, first, is the recognizable signature (an essential trait, requisite if one wants to thrive in such a competitive genre), and personally, it is very entertaining. Shifting away from the glitch-heavy trademark of this style, Bonkr manages to strike a simpler balance, rather focusing on the melodic pattern he has developed.

Being clear, “2020 (Can’t Go Outside)” is a type of work that will force you to put on repeat, as the notes are hooking and abandons any complexity that I had some hopes of exploring. That is neither a pro or a con, but a characteristic of the mentioned producer’s approach towards arrangements. It’s a foolproof lightweight structure that is danceable to, even if the theme of the song is relating to a period when clubs and public gatherings are closed.

For now, I will blast this catchy banger in my room, while being satisfied about the idea. Creative execution, excellent realization and solid sense of humor!

You can listen to “2020 (Can’t Go Outside)” here:

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