Borgore – Sexy Boi

• Evil Borgore be like: Not Dubstep
• Reminds of FISHER’s style
• Tech-Bass fusion of elements

Life does take you in circles, and Borgore is a recent example of getting signed by Armada after four years, after having focused on his own imprint: Buygore. This time he left that crazy ass evil dubstep version of himself there to bring back a different self: a twist in his usual signature. Meddling with Big Room, Trap and Dubstep, the solo act has decided to try the current staple of club music: Tech House. We are talking about the sophomore track from his latest EP “Slaughterhouse”.

Apart from the gritty anime cover of the EP (he used my weaknesses to his favour), “Sexy Boi” is nothing like what we heard from the American producer, yet not entirely anew as his obvious inspiration is from the trendy FISHER. The comparison brings up many similarities: Catchy Tech-House loop follows a bassline that lasts over a second with a small but noteworthy build-up that begins with the same drop as the first. Pretty much typical repetition.

Luckily, the greater surprise is launched with short vocal chops and a groovier rhythm, adding in some acid filth which I highly commend and of course, in its final breakdown, the song offers a psychedelic trip full of acid rave attitude. Not going to lie, this surprised me as the song gets better as much your press repeat on it.

This unanticipated alteration in Borgore’s creative experiments made me imagine a future where he does his variety quite often, switching between his Dubstep trademark. Hoping to see this more often!

You can listen to “Sexy Boi” here:

Borgore · Borgore – Sexy Boi