Bro Safari and UFO! debut part one of 'Clockwork'

In mid-August, Bro Safari and UFO! released “N.U.M.B,” the first single off their experimental new album, Clockwork. The last time the two artists linked was back in 2012, on their first collaborative project called Animal. Now, the duo is back to unleash the first fuller selection of the project in the form of an EP.

“N.U.M.B,” “Inaccessible,” and “Break The Curse” come together under the Part 1 banner, offering a crazed teaser of what’s to come. Fans already know serves as an introduction to the synergy and magic between these two producers. Outside of that, the second dives into the deepened, free-flowing parts of their collective psyche. “Break The Curse” offers a wild, Caribbean-influenced ride that heats up the speakers it’s played through. Enter through this space filled with eerie vocals, dark loops, and transformative melodies, and get ready for the full release on September 21.