Bromo & Yantosh Release Super Fresh Future House Track, ‘Collide’

Bromo & Yantosh join forces once again to release ‘Collide’ via Future Rave Music. The artists release this new track following their latest collaboration, the deep house single ‘Used To Dance’ that was introduced just a few weeks ago.

Future Rave Music surprises electronic music lovers once more, after consistently presenting top-notch, high quality productions, from artists like Ken Bauer and Enveak, the label now features their newest release. Hailing from Slovakia, Bromo has succeeded at releasing fresh tracks with household labels like Storm Music, Ensis, Black&White, SWUTCHmusic & PyroRecords, paving his way into the up-and-coming Electronic Dance Music producers table. On his side, his compatriot Yantosh does not lag behind, having released his own music through Storm Music, A-ttack and Future Rave Music, gathering lots of attention. 

Bromo has explored genres like Future House, Progressive House and Deep House, getting elements from each genre and making his sound distinctive within the big wave of fresh EDM acts. Yantosh finds himself exploring the Future House genre, bringing his knowledge into his music, now bringing ‘Collide’.

The Electro House track is filled with acid synths and a four-to-the-floor energetic beat that releases its intensity slowly but surely. The filtered and processed vocals spread to the sides, serving as a pause in the middle of the intensity of a track that immediately picks up to drop the listener into an energy fueled experience. The triggering elements that jump here and there together with intense risers, create the perfect big stage raving vibe.

Expect more to come from this partnership and from future ventures from both Bromo and Yantosh. ‘Collide’ is out now via Future Rave Music and is available on all major online music stores and streaming platforms.


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