BRUER Debuts ‘Nasty’ Ahead of Debut EP ‘Mind Flay’

Introducing BRUER, a jack-of-all-trades creative with a knack for cutting-edge production. In lieu of new year's resolutions, BRUER finally decided to step into himself: after years of producing for others, the Colorado-based artist takes the reigns and steps into the spotlight with his debut EP, Mind Flay. Leading the charge is debut single “Nasty,” a sonic mirage of frenetic bass and impeccable sound design. An impressive lead single giving a prime taste of what is yet to come, “Nasty” is a strong lead off from BRUER.

Speaking on his forthcoming debut, BRUER says the following: “The ‘Mind Flay' EP is a rebirth of my sound and identity as BRUER. I wanted to evolve as an artist and make a statement. I had made a lot of this heavy melodic bass stuff but I had never done anything quite like this before. This felt new and exciting to me. It felt different. Producing music has always been about having fun and I felt the need to expand. This is the first chapter to that story.”

Check out “Nasty” on all platforms here, or listen to it below on Spotify!