Buggin – “Brainfreeze”

Chicago hardcore rising stars return with bludgeoning new single

Last year, Chicago hardcore upstarts Buggin Out left a huge mark with their fiery self-titled debut EP. They’ve since shortened their name to Buggin, and today they share their bludgeoning new single “Brainfreeze,” their first release since signing to Flatspot Records. The song officially drops on Friday along with an explosive b-side cover of Beastie Boys’ “Gratitude.”

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“Brainfreeze” is perhaps the tightest and most pummeling Buggin recording yet – a true ripper designed to open up the circle pit and induce DIY mayhem. Singer Bryanna Bennet’s vocals hit guttural, shattering levels as the riffs and drums crash with ever-increasing intensity. The track feels like another big step forward for Buggin, and we’ll be sure to keep an eye on them in 2021 as they make more moves and (hopefully) are able to play some shows again.

You can order the single and listen to “Brainfreeze” HERE.