Burning Man Arrest Totals End At 43, Number Expected To Rise

Burning Man ficially ended last night with the last major Burn the week-long event. The sheriff's department has ficially released the arrest totals and the charges for which arrests were made. Overall Burning Man 2018 saw a small decrease in arrests from last year. Only 43 arrests were made. The charges included drug possession, drug trafficking, domestic abuse, battery, and DUI.

The number is expected to rise as over 70,000 individuals begin their long trek home from the Playa. The sheriff's fice also noted that many individuals decide to stay on the Playa for the remainder the month as the struggle to return to reality after a week-long getaway. He noted that many more arrests will most likely be made in the days and weeks after the events as debauchery continues.

To see arrests dropping year to year is promising. Especially for Burning Man which was plagued with issues last year including a public suicide an attendee who ran into the fire and self-immolated in front thousands onlookers. You can read the full arrest report here from the Reno Gazette Journal.