Burning Man to unveil NASA space blanket art installation

Renowned for its avant-garde art installations, Burning Man will maintain its perch on the cutting edge of 3D artistry this year. The 2018 edition of the Black Rock Desert based event will see festival organizers and and installation architect Sasha Shtanuk collectively unveil a “10,000 square meter reflective silver NASA space blanket” comprised of 3,350 ultralight polyester NASA space blankets.

The blankets will routinely shift shapes, creating an undulating visual effect comparable to the movement of oceanic waves. The installation will additionally offer respite from the high desert temperatures, given the piece’s ability to reflect up to 97 percent of radiated heat through the blanket’s metallic sides.

Shtanuk projects that the installation will cost approximately $17,500 USD, and has newly launched an Indiegogo campaign to generate funds for the innovative yet costly project. All monies donated to the campaign will assist with expenses related to the purchasing and transportation of the NASA space blankets for use in the installation. Donate to the campaign, here.

Photo Credit: Hypebeast

H/T: Hypebeast