Castion – Voices In My Head

• Creative lead, dark influences
• Bouncy rhythm with an experimental take
• Catchy breakdown section

You may notice that I’m not a big fan of Future House in general, I think that the majority  of the tracks are identical, but from time to time I find some hidden gems that really catch my attention. This was the case of “Voices In My Head“, the latest production of the Spanish producer Castion. Besides being an easily danceable production, it also contains a beautiful message inside, dedicated to all the people who are suffering from mental illness. That’s a nice detail that I appreciate.

Once I covered the context and the story behind “Voices In My Head”, let’s get directly into what we concern the most: the music itself. The structure is pretty simple, based on two main elements which carry the energy of the song until the drop: a sort of 808 playing an interesting melody and a typical future house vocal. Of course, this raw recipe it’s flavoured with lots of fills, percussion and random sounds, which makes it less boring and definitively more enjoyable.

If the break is something that you can hear in lots of similar tunes, the drop really impressed me. A fat bouncy bass supports the foundation of the drop, while a particular plucky lead goes up and down, playing a particular rhythm where the LFO oscillations are the main characters. The outcome of all those elements together is a bouncy and enjoyable drop with lots of power and personality.

If Castion is an already well established mid-sized artist with lots of important releases in his career, I personally think that “Voices In My Head” is his best one until date, so I just can encourage him to continue delivering us more tracks like this one!

You can listen to “Voices In My Head” here:

HEXAGON · Castion – Voices In My Head