Cathedral Bells – ‘Ether’

Another gazy, transportive album from the Florida dream pop band

Cathedral Bells is the latest project from Matt Messore, formerly of You Blew It!, Dear Tracks, and Houseplants. Once a solo bedroom dream pop act and now a full-band shoegaze concoction, Cathedral Bells conjures catchy melodies filtered through hazy lenses of lo-fi guitar noise and echoey percussion. At the end of last month, the band released the new eight-track album Ether, (a quick follow-up to last fall’s stunning Velvet Spirit) and it’s quickly become one of our early favorites of 2021.

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From driving anthems like “Dayflower” and “Rewind” to the foreboding “Out Of Nowhere” and explosive closer “Ghost Dream,” Ether is the most full-bodied Cathedral Bells release yet. The album is packed with lush production, bold instrumentals, tight songwriting with swooning, snowballing choruses, and hypnotic vocal work from start to finish. Although we’re a little late to the party, we cannot recommend Ether enough. It’s out now via Spirit Goth; you can purchase it HERE and check out the single “Rewind” below.