Cave Raves & Carnival: A Maltese Getaway – Dancing Astronaut

Situated among the Maltese archipelago, somewhere between the southern tip of Italy and Northern Africa is Gozo, a charming Mediterranean paradise with a club scene that’s as thriving and vibrant as its historic culture. This weekend, in alignment with Malta’s the several hundred-year-old tradition of Carnival, is Gozo’s Clubbing Weekender, a cluster of villa parties and cave raves that officially puts Malta on the clubbing map with.

Parade the streets by day, hit the beachside grottos by night, as Gozo’s Carnival week celebrates around the clock for nearly a week straight. If you’re looking to take a breather from the cocktails and beats, however, over 6,000 years of ruins and history make exploring Gozo as rich as it is beautiful. With destination festivals and getaway events being hotter than ever, the Carnival in Malta and Gozo is the ideal option to shake away your mid-winter woes.

Photo Credit: Zarb Coaches