Charles B & Noise Affairs – Pop That

• Crunchy vibe, heavy bassline
• “BOOM”-inspired, with a repetitive vocal loop
• Hypnotic schematics that gets easily stuck in mind over time

French & Austrian Producers Charles B & Noise Affairs have teamed up for a Brazilian Bass track, “Pop That“, born during the lockdown period. I didn’t know the label they worked with, “Suitor“, but from my researches it “pops out” that it’s part of the colossal network Mix Feed. With hundreds of thousands of streams distributed in many streaming services (including, surprisingly, the less active Soundcloud), this network seems an interesting player in the House scene!

Charles B is known for his many releases on Nicky Romero’s label Protocol Recordings and Don Diablo’s imprint Hexagon. The talented artist utilizes a mixture of House & Electro and has been spreading groove across the globe, with various gigs in Europe, US and China. Talking about Noise Affairs, he is a new artist in the scene, and he is evidently concentrating on this darker Brazilian Bass sound.

Speaking about the track, “Pop That” is a different structure from usual… Clearly a festival weapon, it utilizes a heavy bassline and a crunchy vibe, slightly resembling Sevenn’s hit “BOOM“. If you remember that hooky loop, “Pop That” evolves the idea with the addition of a mystic trap breakdown. An idea that I truly appreciated, since the minimal structure needed an element for standing out!

“Pop That” gets better and better, when the loop gets stuck in the head: a clear example of the potential of the so-called “new generation BPM”, the 124. Slightly slower than the 128 we are used to, but with a certain catchiness when used wisely!

Concluding, “Pop That” is a fun club tune, a good debut for Noise Affairs and something slightly “outside the box” for Charles B. I’m pretty sure that we will hear it during the summer!

You can listen to “Pop That” here:

[ SUITOR ] · Charles B & Noise Affairs – Pop That [ FREE DOWNLOAD ]