Cheers to Hard Trance! “Champagne” is the convergence of 3 Hard Trance experts

Cheers to Hard Trance! “Champagne” is the convergence of 3 Hard Trance experts

80%Overall Score

• Distinct styles amalgamated, evident in the various segments
• Vigor and dynamism in abundance
• Favorites of Hard Trance Europe, united

What unfolds when three favorites from HTE join forces in the studio? “Champagne” is the response to this inquiry, a result of the collaborative endeavors of Yusef Kifah, Lab4, and SHOCK:FORCE—three maestros of the Hard Trance realm. A shape-shifting composition, featuring intriguing style blends in the drop sections and an abundance of energy throughout.

But let’s delve deeper into our protagonists. Lab4 (once a duo, now solely Les Elston) boasts a career spanning over two decades in the sector, with 10 albums and numerous awards. SHOCK:FORCE has been a dominant force in the Hard Dance UK scene since 2008, and Yusef Kifah, the youngest of the trio, has already achieved notable results such as his remix of “Ravers Fantasy.” They consistently grace Beatport’s top 10s, and their collaboration, even for an average fan like myself, conveys a significant message.

I chose this track because I was impressed by the sheer talent pooled together and to observe how the different styles synergize. The rhythm is undeniably aggressive and dynamic from the first second, infused with old-school Trance influences, vocal modulations, and heavy kicks. The structure undergoes at least three different signatures (coincidences?), including a serene breakdown reminiscent of the 00s era, gradually building tension towards the drop. Transitions may not be the smoothest, especially when the Electro second drop emerges as a surprising element, but I believe it’s acceptable in these types of collaborations, eager to make an impact.

My preferred segment is the third drop, which exudes a hint of nostalgia in the lead but introduces a melodic Hard Trance melody, adding a touch of sweetness to the finale. What a way to conclude “Champagne” with a pop!

You can listen to “Champagne” here: