Chillhum – Dancing Alone

Chillhum's new single “Dancing Alone” was inspired by Slightly Stoopid and Sublime just as much as it was by production crafted by Flume. The rising Los Angeles-based songwriter, producer and musician is back with another acoustic-electronic hybrid that is as chill as ever. While he's only released music under this project since 2018 he clearly has what it takes to stand out, and this is just the first taste of his upcoming EP. Check out “Dancing Alone” below now, you will catch a good vibe, and under that read a quote from Chillum on the new single. Enjoy!

“‘Dancing (alone)’ is another one of my personal favorite tracks. I think the initial production/workflow of this song was to this day one of the fastest I have ever had. This Idea felt so perfect to me from the moment I had the drum beat programmed in and it truly was one of those projects that felt like it was writing itself. I had been super inspired by the distorted/alternative sound of the drums used by artists like Flume or Couros, and so I spent a lot of time finding the perfect samples to set the right tone for the song. I then focused on guitar and the main riff came super quickly. The combination of the simple guitar riff and heavy drums immediately made me smile and reminded me of some of my more original sources of inspiration like Slightly Stoopid and Sublime. I really tried to channel that high energy good vibe feeling into the vocals/writing and I was stoked with the result.” – Chillhum