Chris Lake and Armand Van Helden team up heaving EP

British tech-house don Chris Lake has teamed up with American producer Armand Van Helden for a four-track EP dubbed ‘The Answer’.

News broke around a month ago of the collaborative EP and now we have it thanks to Black Book Records and Astralwerks who helped bring the spicy crossover out into the world. On the release, Lake mentioned its origins;

“I bumped into Armand in Miami at a pool party and we exchanged emails. A month later, he hit me up and floated the idea of working together; the vibes were flying after we sat down on the first morning, chugging coffee, visualizing what could be made.”

The tracks are what you’d expect from the pairing with each bringing a little something to the table. For Chris Lake it’s the crisp tech, slash rave elements while Armand brings his authentic jacking style across the four slabs of electronic.

Each track pops with a unique sound but we expect “Work!” to make its way across global dance-floors before long!

Stream the release below;