Classic Big Room incoming from W&W and KEVU. But is it enough in 2023?

Classic Big Room incoming from W&W and KEVU. But is it enough in 2023?

66%Overall Score

• Finally, the trio is working together
• Predictable structure
• Energetic but lacks a unique twist

There is something magical in the way W&W and KEVU conjured to devise a powerful banger; leaving me impressed even after so many years of listening to the same Big Room sounds. Their recent association “Incoming”, released on Rave Culture, pits together the classic samples and elements expected from the genre, adding a pinch of spiciness with a frenetic drop.

It wasn’t a surprise to see KEVU— a stable member in the RC roster— finally having the chance to blend his style with the label owners. I wonder how this didn’t happen years ago, considering that other members such as AXMO, Sandro Silva, and Wiwek already had multiple synergies.

Anyways, “Incoming” is the outcome of their cumulative efforts— and it’s quite a festival banger! However, there are doubts on my side.

The breakdown is too generic. And I mean, abundantly generic. The supersaws and fillers were star performers yesterday, overused today. Surely something else could have been tried here, and done a better job. Things change in the drop, which sticks to a traditional system (close to Sandro Silva) with aggressive percussions, evolving its melodic sequence to render a fresh sound. This strikes close to past W&W releases, but somehow new in terms of initial impressions.

There isn’t something unexpected to amaze Big Room fans and that’s a pity. Given the potential, some more touches of creativity from either party could have helped more.

Given, there’s a tendency of the Dutch duo to work multiple collaborations with the same people, let’s hope we hear a further promising track in a not too distant future. For now, let’s settle for this one with its energetic drops!

You can listen to “Incoming” here: